The Comeback Documentary

STROKE – Pause & Restart

On May 5, 2016, the world changed for Daryl Hayott.  He suffered a massive stroke that left him completely paralyzed on the left side of his body.  A man who was a Marine, a Martial Artist and a Multi-Instrumentalist found himself unable to do any of the things he was accustomed to doing.  He was forced to accept this new reality that was sprung upon him instantly and without warning and slowly began to accept the identity of a “cripple.”

A few months later, Daryl was able to use the left side of his body and to walk again. He attended speech, physical and occupational therapy for months thereafter further developing and strengthening his new found abilities.  However, his mastery of the arts – musical and martial – continued to elude him as his body would not respond the way that he needed it to. He compared his drumming to that of a 5-year-old, the bass was too challenging to hold, his fingers would not respond on the piano and he did not have the balance and ability to do his katas. Undaunted, he continues his struggles in an effort to come back 200%.

Daryl met many people during his therapies who motivated him.  He learned more about the various ways that stroke impacts people and was inspired to help make change in the world’s awareness of what stroke is and its impact in society.

A documentary is being filmed to show Daryl’s strength and progress. All of the art sold on this site will go towards the making of the documentary.  In addition to making purchases, you are also invited to also visit the GOFUNDME page to make your donation towards the film.